All compositions

Boulanger, Richard Trapped In Convert 1986
Klapper, Magdalena Collague 1995
Scaturro, Jen Deserted 1997
Joaquin, Jacob Electronic Bubbles 1998
Cascone, Kim blueCube 1998
Joaquin, Jacob Nuclear Energy 1998
Baron, Severine Unwanted Flight 1998
Joaquin, Jacob Message From Another Planet 1999
Guy, Martin Kick Dirt 2000
Zakian, Lee Transversal Meditation 2003
Zakian, Lee Marching To The Sirens Of War 2005
Kerr, Thorin Diving I 2006
Kerr, Thorin Div4Draft 2017
Kerr, Thorin Markov Christmas 2018
Kerr, Thorin The Pungent Garden 2018
Debugger BUG1 2019
Debugger BUG2 2019
Boulanger, Richard Noise and FM Etude 2021
Boulanger, Richard Barmodel Etude 2021
Bergeman, Michael Jude The Beauty of Laughter Unknown
Mikelson, Hans New Age Unknown
Mikelson, Hans Valentines Day Unknown
Mikelson, Hans A Csound Halloween Unknown
Dashow, Jim In Winter Shine Unknown
Mariano, Matthew Vestige of Time Unknown
Mikelson, Hans TeknoBubble Unknown
Bergeman, Michael Jude Face On Mars Unknown
Nelson, Jon Unknown Unknown
Enhus, Tobias Electric Priest Unknown